Palladium: Reason and Existence

139. Battlefields of the Gods

Illynis approached the group to express her concern that disunity was jeopardising all they had worked for. She said what’s done is done and she wanted to try to prevent mistakes like those past from recurring. She went so far as to say that recent events have made it necessary for her to operate in isolation and that some of her choices may have been different if she had had confidants to talk them over with. She explained that the Mirror witch was her friend and the circumstances of the groups appearance/attack with Andrakasis on the MW in the witches’ own chambers was very damaging to the groups capacity to function.

It was agreed that there could still be benefits to working together, but that each would sacrifice the other for the greater good. Though this was suggested by Echo, it had always been true that Illynis would gladly sacrifice herself if the gain were pivotal.

Illynis went on to tell the group about her night time meeting with Madgellania, the death cultist’s confessions at having used the lance thousands of years ago before hiding it away and what it meant to have used the Baalgor Lance.

Illynis had since actively sought ways of removing the dragon’s corpse. Her first port, Andrakasis, had seen the man unwilling or unable to use his own power in conjunction with his daughter’s curse to transport the wyrm spawning blight to the Hells.

Instead, unaware that Emalf had taken the Hedron, the would-be prisoner had suggested to the Imperimundi that she had the means to deal with the wyrms. It was a suggestion made more dangerous by the girl’s fascination with destiny and Andrakasis’ seeming ability to shirk fate.

Illynis also warned the group that the MW actively campaigned the powers in the army to petition for Andrakasis’ death. She also remarked on the strange company she had kept throughout those events, saying that Micarleten Viger’s interest in her had melted and he had vanished after the events of that night.

Following Illynis’ visit, Echo attempted to summon Emalf from wherever he had gone to no avail.
The following day, Pylman Steeder, sent by Fortune, asked the group to assist in mobilising the army immediately. Something had brought urgency to the Imperimundi that would become clear later and following these errands, the group were asked to meet the Imperimundi at the dragon corpse.

Echo confronted Dawn where she alluded to the healers that they should convey her presence with the army to their master. She commanded the Healers to ready and mobilise immediately. Likewise, Ethimas Hidetaka attended the Western Empire forces and ordered General Arn to mobilise.
Shah Dallan’s corpse had bone cordoned off with a large perimeter and Fortune waited amongst her most devoted acolytes, Medici Rashyr Gondvalla, and Enchanted Brink Endean. She expressed grief at what keeping her alive was costing Rashyr, and whether he could endure the strain of keeping her alive for the long and dangerous march on Necropolis.

She said that without the weapon that Emalf had taken, she had severe doubts she could do what needed to be done and felt that ridding the world of the larval wyrms infesting the dragon corpse and the surrounding earth, was just as much a strike against Tolmet and one she could probably deliver with Brink and Rashyr to assist.

She asked the group to lead the army if destroying the larvae proved too much for her, but the group argued that the wyrms were young and there was time before they became a destructive menace like those that roamed the Baalgor.
They convinced her to leave with her army and do everything she could to remain in the land of the living until the day Necropolis fell.

In this conversation, Fortune revealed that some of the end game prophecies had referred to Fortune as ’The First Battlefield of the Gods’, implying that the time of her death was a determining factor in which of the gods prevailed in the war to come.

She went on to remind the group that if Necropolis did not fall before ’The Will of Tolmet’ came to the battle (Madgellania is known as ’The Voice of Tolmet’ or ’The Herald’) that the battle they approached would be lost before it began.
She said that then ’The Will of Tolmet’ would be ’The Second Battlefield of the Gods’.


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