Palladium: Reason and Existence

142. Between the Devil and Death

The following morning the army remobilised to make the journey to the Baalgor with Rashyr’s murder the previous night, and it’s implications for Fortune, on many a mind. Without him, she was effectively the goddess’ avatar who didn’t dare use her power….but her doubts were so great that she could even survive the journey to Necropolis and perhaps she should just make whatever difference she could now by backtracking and attempting to deal with Shah Dallan’s corpse…the group’s counsel against this course was barely heeded because recent actions had so damaged her trust that they were working with her.

The group were also approached by Hymerra Ironvein with a story that they had detected Hedron connections to the army and wanted the group to help them storm the next opening to take the artefact for the dwarves. This discussion was held in a friendly fashion, but the group didn’t come close to promising to help.

It was also worth mentioning that before Andrakasis grew tired of pretending to be a prisoner, he had told the leaders of the army that if they wanted to reach Necropolis alive they would need to send a large enough force to their deaths at the southern extremes of the wasteland in hopes of distracting the Sandwyrms. Fortune doubtfully accept the group’s suggestion that she not sugar code her request for volunteers to go their death for this purpose.

Near the end of the session, the Essenser of Dawn and his entourage appeared amongst the army. It was in that moment that Echo realised the pain of her connection to Satan that grew worse with distance had completely subsided….indicating the devil himself was in the army.

She sought him out and found he had come for Andrakasis, hoping the man remained Fortune’s prisoner, but would settle for Peril, whom remained Landradis’ guest along with Rhonin.

Whilst Echo and Enforcer Pentemus Morden (Satan) did not come to agreement at that time, the next day, as The Essenser received consent to assess Fortune’s condition, the group supported “The Essenser’s” suggestion that Dawn may be able to return Rashyr to life. Essenser Mallean admitted he could not do what Rashyr had done for her, but allowed the unspoken reference of what Rashyr’s return would mean hang in the air as he stated the price where by Peril would be given to him and he would become co-command of the army and he would share the burden of militant decisions.

The groups role in this decision involved confirming for Fortune exactly who she was making a deal with and advising her she should go ahead with it.

The following morning Rashyr’s corpse was gone and Peril too was missing….though I think everyone was too tired to realise I alluded to where Peril was and it was NOT in Satan’s custody….


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